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Get ready to tempt those taste buds. Chula Vista has the best in international eateries, family dining and exceptional craft breweries. So go ahead, indulge yourself.

From the vibrant, pedestrian-friendly Third Avenue sampling of craft breweries and restaurants, to the diversity of Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, French and barbecue restaurants, Chula Vista has authentic and delicious local favorites described by one writer as dining “that will blow the taste buds out of your mouth!”

Check out the international fare at bistros, bars and restaurants throughout Chula Vista, including special events that pair music and community celebrations with culinary delights.

And, be sure to taste three of Zagat's Top 10 "Outstanding Tacos" served in Chula Vista restaurants!

Agave Coffee & Cafe

Website: http://www.agavecoffeeandcafe.com/ Phone number: 619-427-2250 303 H Street , #107, Chula Vista

Bar Sin Nombre

Website: https://www.facebook.com/barsinnombreCV/ 253 Third Avenue , Chula Vista

California Sushi Bar

Website: www.californiasushibar.com Phone number: (619) 422-4488 337 Third Avenue Chula Vista

Chicos Bakery

Website: http://www.chicosbakery.com Phone number: (619) 691-6386 216 Third Avenue Chula Vista

Chula Vista Brewery

Website: https://chulavistabrewery.wordpress.com/ Phone number: (619) 616-8806 294 Third Avenue , Chula Vista

Country Waffles

Website: www.countrywaffles.com Phone number: (619) 422-5462 303 H Street, 115 Chula Vista

Docks Cocktail Lounge

Website: http://www.dockscocktails.com Phone number: (619) 422-1566 317 Third Avenue Chula Vista


Website: www.dominos.com Phone number: (310) 473-6575 380 Third Avenue Chula Vista

Don Pedro Taco Shop

Phone number: 619-427-0214 247 3rd Avenue , Chula Vista

Edible Arrangements

Website: www.ediblearrangements.com Phone number: (619) 420-3330 380 Third Avenue, Suite A Chula Vista

El Comal

Website: http://www.elcomalchulavista.com/index.html Phone number: (619) 420-3811 262 Third Avenue Chula Vista


Phone number: (619) 941-2618 305 Third Avenue Chula Vista


Website: http://www.fuddruckers.com Phone number: (619) 420-4881 340 Third Avenue Chula Vista

Grind House

Website: https://www.facebook.com/grindhouse3rd/ Phone number: (619) 821-8223 1/2 260 Third Ave , Chula Vista

Groundswell Brewing Co

Website: https://www.facebook.com/GroundswellBrew/ Coming Soon!!! 258 Third Avenue , Chula Vista


Website: www.italianissimotrat.com Phone number: (619) 651-1457 323 Third Avenue Chula Vista

K F C Chula Vista

Website: http://www.kfc.com Phone number: (619) 426-1699 461 Third Avenue Chula Vista

King Liquor

Phone number: (619) 409-9009 320 E Street , Chula Vista

La Bella Cafe & Games

Website: http://www.labellapizza.com Phone number: (619) 426-8830 289 G Street Chula Vista

La Bella Pizza

Website: http://www.labellapizza.com Phone number: (619) 426-8820 373 Third Avenue Chula Vista

La Concha Bakery

Phone number: (619) 427-7147 334 E Street Chula Vista

Mangia Italiano On 3rd

Website: http://www.mangiaonthird.com Phone number: (619) 623-3553 248 Third Avenue Chula Vista

Marie Callenders

Website: http://www.mariecallenders.com Phone number: (619) 420-0751 330 F Street Chula Vista

Mariscos Los Cuates

Website: Mariscos Los Cuates Facebook Phone number: (619) 816-5042 Mexican seafood mariscos 217 Third Avenue , Chula Vista

Mea Kwan Thai Cuisine

Website: www.meakwanthaicuisine.com/ Phone number: (619) 426-5172 230 Third Avenue Chula Vista


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